Dr. Neela Bhattacharya Saxena is Professor of English and Women's Studies at Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY.  She teaches a course that she created called The Goddess in World Religions; her other classes inlcude Science Fiction, British and American Literature and multidisciplinary course like Making of the Modern Mind and Studies in World Cultures.

She writes a blog called Stand Under the Mother Principle.

She is a member of American Academcy of Religion (AAR) and Dharma Academcy of North America (DANAM).  She also belongs to a music school - Shuddhaswar run by Shanta Nag.

Professional information about her may be found at Academia.edu.  Link here

She lives with her husband, mother and two sons in upstate NY.  

Her interests include Buddhist and Hindu Tantras, world religions, global literature, science fiction, mythology and classical Indian music.

Travelling around the world is her passion and Tantric meditation are the sustaining aspects of her life.